Michael H. Payne (hyniof) wrote,
Michael H. Payne

Darkling Eclectica, Episode 1725: Acephaletic


Is the term us bloated gasbags use for a poetic line that's had the first beat of the first foot cut off--it's an invented Greek word that kinda means "headless." So, since I had my show shortened at the top by Anteater Baseball, I figured I'd get all esoteric and high-faluting--which is the highfalutin' way of spelling "highfalutin'".


Darkling Eclectica, the       Episode 1725: Acephaletic       Sun., April 23, 2017     4:20PM to 6PM

Artist                        Title                         Album                      Genre    New?
John McCutcheon               Hangman's Reel/Campbell's
                                Farewell to Red Gap         Wind That Shakes the 
                                                              Barley                   Folk
Gary Burton & the Berklee
  All-Stars                   Fat Lady                      Gary Burton & the Berklee
                                                              All-Stars                Jazz
Robert Earl Keen              14 Carat Mind                 Happy Prisoner             Folk
Rotondi                       Brand New Mind                Preaching & Confessing     A-Play
The Fat Babies                Sing Song Girl                Solid Gassuh               Jazz       XX
Electric Rag Band             Smash That Radio              My Side                    Country    XX
Black Olive Jazz              Slow Hot Wind/Key Largo       Exotica                    Jazz       XX
Maria Kalaniemi & Aldargaz    Arctic Paradise               Ahma                       World
New Grass Revival             Earth, Water, Wind & Fire     On the Boulevard           Folk
Sarah Partridge               Silly Habits                  Bright Lights & Promises   Jazz       XX
Zingaros                      Seven Sisters                 Gitango!                   World
Nathan Bowles                 Burnt Ends Rag                Whole & Cloven             Folk       XX
Fletcher Henderson & the
  Dixie Stompers              Baltimore                     1926 - 1928                Jazz
High Noon                     Bluebonnet Boogie             Stranger Things            Country
Andrea Claburn                Colors of Light               Nightshade                 Jazz       XX
Peter Case                    Walking Home Late             Flying Saucer Blues        Folk
Stan Kenton & his Orchestra   The Peanut Vendor             Comprehensive Kenton       Jazz
Rhiannon Giddens              Following the North Star      Freedom Highway            Country    XX
John Kirby & his Onyx Club
  Boys                        From Ab to C                  52nd Street Swing          Jazz
Huayucaltia                   Destino                       Amazonas                   World
Nick Drake                    One of These Things First     Bryter Layter              A-Play
David Grisman Quintet         Albuquerque Turkey            Mondo Mando                Jazz
The Mills Brothers            I Guess I'll Get the Papers
                                & Go Home                   Souvenir Album             Jazz
Tags: radio
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