Michael H. Payne (hyniof) wrote,
Michael H. Payne

Darkling Eclectica, Episode 1726

Had a little:

Shaved off the top of the show this week by another bout of Anteater Baseball, and next week? Next week'll be Fund Drive, Fund Drive, Fund Drive!


Darkling Eclectica, the             Episode 1726           Sun., April 30, 2017        4:10PM to 6PM

Artist                        Title                         Album                       Genre   New?
The Acousticats               Adios Again                   Down at Evangelina's        Folk
Oliver Nelson & his Orch.     Stolen Moments                Blues & the Abstract Truth  Jazz
The Battlefield Band          Hairy Anglerfish/Peter the
                                Dolphinmaster/Sound of
                                Sleat                       Room Enough for All         World
Andy Narell's Steel Orch.     Sea of Stories                The Passage                 Jazz
Tall Tall Trees               Lost in Time                  Freedays                    Country   XX
Milt Hinton                   Laughing at Laugh             Laughing At Life            Jazz
Christie Lenee                Send it to the Sky            Stay                        Folk      XX
Randy Weston                  In the Cool of the Evening    Marrakech in the Cool of
                                                              the Eveinng               Jazz
Tom "Bones" Malone Septet     Little Sunflower              Standards of Living         Jazz
Red Clay Ramblers             Kildaire's Fancy/Ships are
                                Sailing/High Yellow         Merchants Lunch             Folk
Yelena Eckemoff Quintet       Old-fashioned Bread Store     Blooming Tall Phlox         Jazz      XX 
Turtle Island String Quartet  Dexteriors                    Skylife                     Jazz
The Westerlies                A Nearer Sun                  The Westerlies              Jazz
The Fat Babies                Delirium                      Solid Gassuh                Jazz      XX
The Love Dogs                 Hot Weather Blues             Heavy Petting               Lounge
Nelson Riddle & his Orch.     Theme from "Route 66"         Ultra-Lounge                Lounge
Open House                    Miller of Drangan/The Dawn/
                                Connie O'Connell's          Second Story                Folk
Myles Wright Orchestra        Check-In                      The Manhattan EP            Jazz      XX
David Grisman Quintet         16...16                       Hot Dawg                    Jazz
The Mills Brothers            It Don't Mean a Thing         Chronological, vol.6        Jazz
The Mills Brothers            I've Found a New Baby         Early Mills Brothers        Jazz
The Mills Brothers            I Guess I'll Get the Papers
                                & Go Home                   Souvenir Album              Jazz
Tags: radio
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