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"Hey, Your Nose is on Fire" Industries -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Michael H. Payne

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Terebinth, Page 758: Solo Adventures [11 Dec 2008|09:58am]

     Please click on the title card there to be transported 
directly over to the next page of Esther's adventure.  Thank you.

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Helix Story #1 [11 Dec 2008|11:19pm]
The online magazine HelixSF:

Where I've had two stories published, is closing down at the end of the year. So I'm moving my stories over here. This is the first one, "Why They Call Me Mr. Goddamn Happy."


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Helix Story #2 [11 Dec 2008|11:42pm]
And here's:

The second story I had over at HelixSF, "The Super Secret Origin of She-Man."

Mike Again

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