Michael H. Payne (hyniof) wrote,
Michael H. Payne

Cluny the Sorceress Squirrel, Part Six

The submission period:

For volume 27 of Marion Zimmer Bradley's Sword & Sorceress anthology closed on Saturday, and on Sunday I got the e-mail from editor Elisabeth Waters with contract attached for the sixth adventure of Cluny the Sorceress Squirrel, "Airs Above the Ground."

The first story about Cluny, "Familiars," originally published in volume 19 of the anthology ten or so years ago, is available at the link earlier in this sentence for anyone who'd like to read it and will also be reprinted later this year in a collection Fred Patten is putting together of stories that have won the Ursa Major Award. It's about Cluny and Crocker getting to know each other during the Fall Quarter of their first year as students at Huxley College, your typical institute of magical learning.

The second story, "Squirrel Errant," takes place during the Winter Quarter and can be found in volume 23 of Sword & Sorceress as well as in the 2006 Further Confusion program book. The third story, "Three on a Match," moves ahead to the Spring Quarter and is in S&S volume 24 while "Matriculation," story number four, is in volume 25 and concerns our heroes completing their novice year and becoming sophomores.

The fifth story, "The Raw and the Cooked," found in volume 26, deals with the beginning of their summer vacation, and this latest story shows how they spend the middle of that summer.

Y'know, I really oughtta stitch these all together into a novel or something...

Tags: specials

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