Michael H. Payne (hyniof) wrote,
Michael H. Payne

Among the Single Digits

Listening to NPR this morning:

While trying to tie my shoes--every morning, I tie my shoes, and by the time I've clomped downstairs, gotten the newspaper, prepared my bowl of cereal and glass of milk, and sat down at the table for breakfast and the funnies, my shoes will have untied themselves; I always tie them again, and they then stay tied for the rest of the day, a phenomenon that has led me to all kinds of odd experiments in an effort to discover what I'm doing wrong that first time or conversely what I'm doing right the second time.

But where was I? Oh, yes. Listening to the news this morning.

The reporter--Nina Totenberg, I think it was--was talking about a case currently before the Supreme Court, something to do with whether police can perform warrantless searches on the cell phones of folks they take into custody. And she mentioned in passing that 91% of American adults have a cell phone.

It somehow makes my continued inability to think of a reason to get wunna the ding-dang things seem like a lack of imagination on my part...

Tags: hat-talking
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