Michael H. Payne (hyniof) wrote,
Michael H. Payne

In Homage to My Daily Grind Colleagues

It just occurred to me last night:

That I've got three or four characters in my Daily Grind comics now who were inspired to a greater or lesser degree by characters in comics done by some of my colleagues in this whole contest thing. There's only twelve of us left--maybe I should try to crib characters from the rest of 'em as well...

The first is Steven, the mouse ninja whom I blatantly stole from Mike Stevens, known in these parts as blindmole. You can read all the particulars of how and why I did this over on the first page of the tenth Daily Grind storyline, "Sons of the Black Swan," but briefly: I'd been wanting to tell a story called "Sons of the Black Swan" since 1991, but it was only after reading Mike's Ninja Death stories that I figured out how to tell it.

So I based one of the characters on his ninja character and even worked his whole murderous quest into the larger world of Daily Grind. I've also decided how Steven will die should Mike drop out of the contest before I do. So I for one am hoping he stays in--I'm hate killing characters off!

Second would be Eduard, the bird magician, who, I've come to realize, was inspired by the various birds that appear in the comics of Billis, as they're known: you can see some others of them locally at billis.

Now, I didn't know when I first brought Eduard into Daily Grind that I was stealing him from Billis. When he first showed up on the second day of the sixteenth storyline, "Toil and Trouble," I thought he was just another bird--I even made a note that I'd had birds as antagonists in two of the previous three stories at that point. But when time came to bring in Eduard's mentor, Stenni Eelstad, and I decided he needed to be a donkey, well, Billis had already made the connection between bird and donkey in his comics--consider the bottom two strips here.

The capper, though, was Billis contacting me to ask if I might someday be amenable to try a collaboration telling the story of Eduard's early life. That's when the connections popped into the front of my brain and I saw where I'd gotten the basics of Eduard in the first place.

Another homage that snuck up on me was Dodger, the antagonist in the current Daily Grind storyline, "Artifacts." I'd started with my memories of this character from the old silent German film "The Golem," but I thought I'd slim him up a little, rework the helmet hair into something more like ears--or more like spiky dreadlocks, I found myself thinking.

Well, it came to me last night that the other image I was drawing from was Ray, one of the few recurring characters in Phil Redmon's odd and wonderful comics, conveniently located at both destro_simpson and at Tartpop. And since, as we all know from our Lewis Carroll studies, anything that happens three times is true, I figured I must have some sort of patern going on, a pattern I'd best embrace.

So I guess I've got no choice but to try and work the rest of the contestants in somehow now...

Tags: grind, specials
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