Michael H. Payne (hyniof) wrote,
Michael H. Payne

Upcoming Darkling Eclectica, Episode 1708

This Sunday:

Will be a special Big Honking Christmas Episode of the Darkling Eclectica as they let me take over the airwaves from 2PM till 6PM Pacific Standard Time!

From two till four will be the pre-game show, and the first hour will be pretty much filled with that Christmas favorite, Gustav Mahler's Symphony No. 4 in G major. I mean, it starts with bells jingling, features a violin solo about halfway through that's supposed to be played by the skeleton known as Freund Hein, and ends with a soprano singing about all the wonderful food they eat in Heaven. If that's not Christmas, then I don't know what is!

The second hour, we'll haul out another beloved Christmas classic, "Josephine the Singer, or The Mouse Folk" by Franz Kafka, one of the finest talking animal stories ever written. I'll be reading the translation by Willa and Edwin Muir, so if you don't know German, we've got you covered!

The third hour will see the actual Darkling Eclectica start, and at 4:30 or so, we'll get into "A Pony Kind of Christmas" featuring music from the two episodes of the current My Little Pony cartoon show that have been dedicated to Hearth's Warming Eve, the Pony winter holiday. If you haven't seen those episode, don't worry: I'll be summarizing the action between the songs in the manner of the late Fiorello La Guardia reading the comics over the radio during the newspaper delivery strike of 1945.

Then it'll be whatever random winter music I can think of to fill out the last hour, and there it'll be, Episode 1708 of the Darkling Eclectica, Sunday, December 25th from 2PM to 6PM. Don't fail to miss it!

Tags: radio, specials

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