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"Hey, Your Nose is on Fire" Industries

Michael H. Payne

     To "Hey, Your Nose is on Fire" Industries, featuring playlists from the weekly Darkling Eclectica radio program, Terebinth comics from the archive every day with new pages as well on Mondays, random observations many of which concern the latest My Little Pony cartoon show, and Daily Grind for the Weekly Reader. This last is an outgrowth of my Daily Grind comic and is designed for those who want to read each week all at once instead of day by day. So every Saturday, if all goes well, there'll be more big chunks of comics here. Thanks for dropping by!

     The following, then, is the Table of Contents for Daily Grind with titles and links to the first week of each storyline and everything! I hope you find it useful. You can also visit the Table of Contents page on the main site for story descriptions and illustrated banners along with the days and dates upon which each storyline occurs. So many options!

     First, though, we have:

Pre-Daily Grind: Hearts and Minds
     Not really a Daily Grind story--Gana, for instance, doesn't have poisonous barbs in her wrists in the actual continuity the way she does here--but it's still an adventure that Tharka and Gana had about six months before they met the rest of the cast. It just didn't happen exactly the way it does here...

     Then the real stories start:

Book I: Another Country
          Intro: Welcome to Daily Grind
          One: The Crossing Guard
          Two: A Tooth for a Tooth
          Three: Chrysalis
          Four: Dust Bunny
          Five: "-30-"
          Six: The Batrachonesian Amphora

Book II: Out of Darkness
          Seven: Pocketful of Dreams
          Eight: Under Hill
          Nine: Selected Shorts
          Ten: Sons of the Black Swan
          Eleven: The Apprentice
          Twelve: Holiday

Book III: Alone Together
          Thirteen: Tools of the Trade
          Fourteen: Simplicity Itself
          Fifteen: Shifting Sands
          Sixteen: Toil and Trouble
          Seventeen: Cradle to Grave
          Eighteen: Administrative Oversight

Book IV: Till There was You
          Nineteen: Signing the Senses
          Twenty: Hypocrisy
          Twenty-One: Animus
          Twenty-Two: On a Clear Day
          Twenty-Three: Point of Order
          Twenty-Four: A Long, Long Trail A-Winding

Book V: Written on Water
          Twenty-Five: Saturday
          Twenty-Six: Artifacts
          Twenty-Seven: Foreign Correspondence
          Twenty-Eight: This Mortal Coil
          Twenty-Nine: Patrimony
          Thirty: The Way of All Flesh

Book VI: The Eyes of the World
          Thirty-One: Refraction
          Thirty-Two: A Flick of the Lash
          Thirty-Three: Against the Dying of the Light
          Thirty-Four: Crack of Dawn
          Thirty-Five: Iris Out
          Thirty-Six: Chiaroscuro

Book VII: The City When it Sleeps
          Thirty-Seven: Second Date
          Thirty-Eight: The Old Country
          Thirty-Nine: Twelve Feet Under
          Forty: The Best Defense
          Forty-One: Grand Opening
          Forty-Two: Burning Down the House

Book VIII: Stolen Moments
          Forty-Three: Solitaire
          Forty-Four: The Sting
          Forty-Five: Feather in the Wind
          Forty-Six: Time and the River Flowing
          Forty-Seven: Maintenance
          Forty-Eight: Hierogamia

Book IX: Rhapsody
          Forty-Nine: Introduction & Allegro
          Fifty: Adagietto
          Fifty-One: Menuet a Tre
          Fifty-Two: Scherzando
          Fifty-Three: Toccata & Fugue
          Fifty-Four: Totenfeier

Book X: Sun Won't Stop
          Fifty-Five: Acceptance
          Fifty-Six: Settling In
          Fifty-Seven: Forgery
          Fifty-Eight: Many Happy Returns
          Firty-Nine: In Shining Armor
          Sixty: Waxing and Waning

Book XI: Midwinter's Eve
          Sixty-One: Standard Operating Procedures
          Sixty-Two: Black Swans LLC
          Sixty-Three: Paper Moon
          Sixty-Four: The Ties That Bind
          Sixty-Five: Jitters
          Sixty-Six: Hearts and Flowers

Book XII: Worlds in Collision
          Sixty-Seven: Adventures in Spider Sitting
          Sixty-Eight: The In-Laws
          Sixty-Nine: Brunch
          Seventy: Taking the Ride
          Seventy-One: The Unpleasantness
          Seventy-Two: Crash Positions

Book XIII: Dawn's Early Light
          Seventy-Three: Fits and Starts
          Seventy-Four: Familial
          Seventy-Five: Contraindicated
          Seventy-Six: In the Country of the Blind
          Seventy-Seven: For Want of a Nail
          Seventy-Eight: Red Glare

Book XIV: Ringing the Changes
          Seventy-Nine: Birthday Boy
          Eighty: Nesting
          Eighty-One: The Job
          Eighty-Two: Safety Net
          Eighty-Three: Minding the Gap
          Eighty-Four: Chutes and Ladders

Book XV: What Remains
          Eighty-Five: General Quarters

     And there'll be more added here as the adventures continue!

     As for me, I work in a library, play guitar and sing at a local Catholic church, host a radio program at the local university every Saturday morning, and write stories, some of which have been published--that last link'll take you to a page with a photo of me on it, so beware of that. I'm also the Co-ordinator for the SFWA Circulating Book Plan and the registrar for the Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards.